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6 Ideas For Tea Party Place Cards Preparation

Even while tea party place cards are not a necessary component of an elegantly set tea table, they do make visitors feel special, which is always something that is worth the tiny bit of additional work that is required. They may also be helpful if you want to seat particular guests who have not yet met one other but who have similar interests together at the same table. Matchmaking may also benefit greatly from the use of place cards.

It is important to keep in mind that place cards may often serve as party goodies that attendees can take home to commemorate the special event. This is something that is described on the page about tea party favours. The following is a list of ideas to get you started thinking about how to create the ideal place card for your next tea party that goes beyond the usual formal embossed card held in a silver holder.

  • Look for antique picture frames at the flea market or antique shop to upcycle.  Frame a pretty card bearing the guest’s name or a picture of the guest if you happen to have one.  Pictures of guests serve as unique tea party place cards – No writing needed!
  • Bake or buy large fancy cookies and write each guest’s name on one with icing.
  • If you enjoy stitching, pretty linen napkins can serve direct guests to the proper seat when monogrammed with guest initials.
  • A handwritten calligraphy letter or card, sealed in an envelop with the guest’s name will make everyone feel welcome. Write a personalized note for each guest or perhaps include a favorite poem or song lyrics chosen especially for them. If you have a travel theme, write a note on post cards instead.
  • Write guest initials on petit fours or names on small individual cakes, pies, or tarts for a dessert tea party.
  • Use objects related to the party’s décor as place card holders.  For example, try sticking the cards in pinecones for a party in the fall.  Use fruit as holders by slicing a slit for the card fruits like an apple, orange, or lime.  Wine corks are also popular holders, especially for a dinner party where wine will be served.

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