Afternoon Tea Ideas 2022: Which White Tea Brand Is The Best To Try During Lockdown?

Not only culinary experts but also medical academics are singing the virtues of white tea when it comes to its positive effects on one’s health. In point of fact, one may experience a wide variety of positive effects as a result of drinking white tea, and we are going to have a look at some of these individuals. But before we get into it, let’s begin by giving you a quick rundown of what white tea really is. It is crafted from immature tea leaves, which are plucked from the plant just prior to the buds having completely opened on the tea plant. The silver fuzz that still covers the buds is where the name derives from. This silver fuzz is what gives the tea its characteristic white colour when it dries. It is possible to get a wide range of unique types of white tea, and the primary factor that differentiates them is the ratio of leaves to buds included in each individual preparation. The White Peony, for example, has one bud for every two leaves in its combination, but Silver Needles is formed solely from the down buds, and they are generally plucked during a two-day period somewhere in the early Spring. The White Peony and Silver Needles are both made from the same mixture.

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Join the wonderful world of loose leaf teaAmazon customer

‘Like most people, I’ve always been fond of drinking bagged tea. Conveniency and accessibility being the top reasons.
Just recently my coworkers and I were discussing the cons of bagged tea. After I got home I did some additional research, and that made me realized it’s time to ditch those tea bags.
Aside from the fact that they often contain only dust & fannings, which made mostly from low quality leaves or stems, the nutrients, flavor, and aroma lose during leave grinding process when leaves exposed to moisture and oxygen.
Compromising quality for convenience isn’t really a wise choice for me, so I switched to loose leaf tea.
I picked BestLeafTea because it’s many positive reviews and the affordable price. I was quite amazed by the rich aroma of Jasmine when opening the lid. When the Jasmine Pearl is brewed, it is definitely fresher and more flavorful than any bagged tea I’ve ever tried, not to mention the whole ritual of making tea the old-fashioned way feels more fun. I enjoy watching the loose leaves dance in the water as the tea infuses to develop a full flavor and aroma. Another perk is that I can use as much or as little tea as I like, which allows me to control the strength of my tea and create my own taste. I also love the fancy tin and the cute little wooden spoon came with it.
So if you like tea with superior quality, switch to loose leaf tea and consider BestLeafTea.
One little suggestion for the seller, it would make loose leaf tea beginners’ lives a whole lot easier if you have bundles for tea and tea pots :-)’

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Finally a delish tea I can drink without sugar!!! Best purchase ever….Amazon customer

I am a very long time tea drinker. My grandmother made our tea “breaks” daily rituals from the time I was 11 or 12. I enjoyed them so much. She would tell me wonderful stories. But back in the day, the black tea came with milk and lots of sugar. Today 40+ years later I had long stopped using milk but couldn’t shake the added sugar. I had made many lifestyle changes but this one, I think was the first time I truly understood the power of sugar- it was like an addiction. Then I read an article about white tea. I had tried green tea but like some, it made me nauseous. So reading the great reviews here and wanting organic I gave this a try. BEST purchase on Amazon I ever made. From the first cup- minus any sugar at all (not even any weaning off sugar needed) I have found it delicious and as satisfying and comforting as my old friend’s black tea. I am back to buy a few more boxes because I never want to be without them (and the expiration date on my first box is years away). Thank you Uncle Lee’s. I am finally free of sugar and have my tea too.

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Very fragrant and refreshingAmazon customer

‘Absolutely love this tea! I always like Earl Grey tea and thought would give this a try – turned out this could be my new favorite! I made a cup of it right after it arrived yesterday, and immediately ordered another can for a friend as a present. This has a less earthy flavor than regular Earl Grey because of the white tea, but it works very well with the Bergamot flavor, making it very crisp and fragrant.’

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Fabulous, warm autumn spiceAmazon customer

‘I love this tea. And I’m extremely picky about tea. I’m a strong black coffee drinker who tends to avoid grassy, earthy teas, and unnaturally sweet, flavored herbal teas. (That list covers almost every tea LOL!)

But for Fall, I decided to buy something warm, comforting, and spicy that I could sip on a chilly evening, in lieu of my coffee, which tends to keep me up way too late.

So here’s what it’s like: When it first hits your tongue, it’s like autumn spice (cloves, cinnamon, no sweetness), and then it finishes off with a warm and somewhat sweet aftertaste – but not the disgusting and overwhelming sweetness of most packaged, flavored herbal teas. It’s a natural kind of fruity sweetness (like roasted plum).

I absolutely love this. It’s the only tea that I actually look forward to drinking. Most teas I just force down for health reasons!

And, I did not find any dirt/dust in the package. When scooped into an infuser, all contents are a beautiful array of clean, chunky stems and stalks, and dried herbs. Very clean, aromatic, and autumnal. I’m sold!’

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Great Tea brand!Amazon customer

‘I freeze fruits and vegetables in bags for my daily smoothies. I use hot tea to help break up all the frozen items. I researched which tea has the most anti-oxidants and found that it was white tea. As I am already buying Tealyra’s Earl Gray (my absolute favorite), I ordered their white tea. The flavor is so mild that it does not affect the taste of my smoothies but the leaves are very fragrant. Comes in an easily re-closeable bag, I really love Tealyra brand.’

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Vahdam Teas are amazing and in a class of their own.Amazon customer

‘I was not a tea devotee until I experienced Vahdam tea. Previously I drank tea I purchased in tea bags. Even though they were the best brands available as I thought tea was more or less all the same. Then one day I experienced Vahdam tea. The smell and look of the loose leaf tea seemed alive and unique. When I brewed the tea, the colors of the various teas were subtlely different and inviting. The flavor was also beautifully alive and distinct. Now tea is my favorite drink hot or cold. When my friends come over I serve the tea in a clear mug and they comment on the beautiful color and taste. I also purchased a clear class tea pot for joy and experience of a perfect cup of tea.’

Vahdam Teabox Himalayan White Tea: BUY HERE

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Delicious!Amazon customer

‘Subtle, delicate flavor. Re-steeps gracefully three or more times. No string for pulling out the teabag, so find a spoon or other apparatus for fishing this teabag out of the hot tea. Don’t steep at too high of a temperature– the flavor changes when the water is too hot. And also follow the instructions regarding steep time– don’t steep this longer than 90 seconds on the first steep.’

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So far, we have discussed what exactly white tea is, as well as which brands are considered the best. Now that we’ve covered the health advantages of drinking green tea, let’s move on to the advantages of drinking white tea.

Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacterial Effects

White tea extract may have prophylactic applications that can help to retard the growth of bacteria that can cause Staphylococcus infections, Steptococcus infections, Pneumonia, and Dental Caries, according to studies carried out at Pace University. These infections can be caused by staphylococcus, steptococcus, and dental caries. It was discovered that White Tea is more efficient than Green Tea in deactivating viruses that are associated with bacteria, in addition to having an anti-viral impact on viruses that are associated with human disease.

Anti-Fungal Effect

There have been studies carried out which indicate that this has an anti-fungal effect on Penicillium Chrysogenum and Saccharomyces Cerervisiae. It was found that in the presence of White Tea extract these were totally inactivated.

Skin Cancer and Cell Damage Protection

Scientists have now found that the White Tea extract can protect against the Langerhans cell obliteration. It was found that not only the extract protected skin after exposure to sunlight but also a person’s immune system was restored also. They also found that the DNA damage which occurs to cells after exposure to sunlight was limited. It is believed that the anti-oxidant properties in the White Tea extract are the reason for it being so effective. It is also suggested that the extract may provide a person with anti-aging benefits.

So as you can see from above there are many reasons as to what the benefit of white tea can have for a person in order to help them live a much healthier and happier life.

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