100+ Gift Ideas & Tea Room Essentials For Tea Lovers (2022) – Birthday, Mother’s Day, Anniversary, Housewarming

Time for a little last minute gift shopping? Just about…

Due to the fact that the Christmas season is drawing near, it was simple for us to choose where to begin adding hundreds of fresh ideas to the list that is located below.

It should be noted that not only are these tea presents appropriate for any event, but they are also pretty enjoyable to give to oneself as a reward, so the exact time is not all that important. If you’re new to the world of tea, getting a tea sampler is a terrific way to get your feet wet since it allows you to test out a number of various kinds so you can zero in on your favourites. Samplers may also be enjoyable for the more seasoned tea drinker, who can use them to delve further into a particular kind of tea or to experiment with varieties of tea they normally wouldn’t consume.

This discussion is going to be limited to loose leaf teas, although the market is rife with gift sets and samplers that have teas packaged in bags as well.

We began our search with the deals available for less than twenty dollars and came across some unexpectedly nice teas at rates that were extremely fair. The tea samplers that Adagio Tea offers are of the highest quality, and they are packaged in attractive tea tins and gift boxes. These are my top picks in this category. Here are a few that we chose for you:

  • Green Tea Sampler (Adagio Teas) – A wonderful introduction to the wide range of green teas. Each sample makes about 8-10 cups of tea and includes gunpowder, sencha overture, green pekoe, pi lo chun, citron green, and vanilla green teas.
  • Herbal Tea Sampler (Adagio Teas) – The wide range of herbal teas is explored here. Each sample makes about 6-8 cups of tea. This set includes berry blues, lemongrass, mango melange, peppermint, rooibos jasmine, and sour apple.
  • IngenuiTEA Gourmet Tea Set (Adagio Teas) – Adagio’s most popular gift item combines an easy-to-use teapot and four samples of their best-selling teas. This ingenious teapot makes loose tea easy to make and the teas are a great introduction to a delectable world of gourmet tea. The dishwasher and microwave are safe. 16oz (0.5L).

In the mid-range, $20 – $60, we found several ways to get a high-end tea selection. Here are a couple of great samplers of the finer white and oolong teas:

  • Wuyi Oolong Tea Sampler Set (The Tea Farm) – A personal favorite of mine, and at a very reasonable price, this set from The Tea Farm includes four 2oz packages of the famous WuYi mountain teas: Big red robe, Shui Jin Gui, Tie luo Han, and Shui Xian. Yum!
  • White Tea Sampler (Culinary Teas) – This is perhaps the best way to try a group of different white teas. You get four 1oz bags of Adams Peak Rare White Tea, Pai Mu Tan White Tea, Leopard Snow Buds Tea, and Sowmee White Tea.

There are some really beautiful gift boxes containing genuinely good teas in this range, my favorites in this field being the Teavana offerings:

  • World Tea Collection Gift Set (Teavana Teas) – This worldly collection has been compiled for the well-traveled tea connoisseur with globally inspired flavors. Set includes 2oz each of White Ayurvedic Chai, Kuki Matcha, Emerald Bamboo Forest, and Kamiya Papaya Oolong as well as four reusable Origami tea tins. A great gift set for a tea lover!
  • Tea Lovers Tea Gift Collection (Teavana Teas) – The Tea Lovers Collection includes 2oz each of four premium teas: rare Frutto Bianco white tea pearls, a timeless Dragonwell green tea, the relaxing Tranquil Dream herbal tea blend, and Six Summits, a handcrafted artisan oolong. Also includes four reusable Origami tea tins. Beautifully gift-boxed.

Over $60 and you’re getting into some really nice gifts and treats for yourself. Here’s another superior Teavana Tea gift box:

  • Emperor’s Collection Tea Gift Set (Teavana Teas) – Honor yourself or a loved one with this luxurious collection of fine teas. It includes six gold embossed tea tins containing the finest teas from ancient gardens in China: Jasmine Phoenix Eye, Lung Ching, White Mao Feng, Mao Jian, Da Hong Pao, and Tai Ping Kui. Four green teas, one white and one oolong. They come in a beautiful gift box as well.

For sheer quality of tea, my overall favorite loose leaf tea sampler is from the company we buy a lot of our personal tea from, Generation Tea. If anyone wants to buy me a tea sampler, please make it this one

  • Royal Tea Collection (Generation Tea) – This is a showcase of some of Generation’s finest teas. Each tea delivers distinct flavors and subtleties that only the highest grades can offer. This is a great gift even for the advanced tea fan. Nine amazing teas: 2 oz Royal Organic Longjing Tea, 2 oz Jasmine Pearls Green Tea, 2 oz Royal Tieguanyin Oolong Tea, 2 oz Organic Winter Leaf Oolong Tea, 2 oz Royal Loose Leaf Pu-erh Tea, 100g Pu-erh Tuocha, 2 oz Royal Formosa Baozhong Tea, 2 oz Keemun Black Tea, 2 oz Formosa Green Jade Oolong.

And if you want to really push the boat out, take the Tazo Deluze Tour:

  • Tazo® Deluxe 3 Month Tea Tour – Each month, your hand-selected whole leaf teas arrive in a signature gift box accompanied by tasting notes to help you enjoy the month’s selections. Shipping is included, and the first month you also receive Bodum’s Assam Tea Press, a practical and easy-to-use tea maker that infuses the most delicious aromas, and a set of two Bodum Pavina Double Wall Tea Glasses.

In all, we’ve listed 100+ different loose leaf tea samplers and gift sets ideas so you should be able to find one to suit your needs. Whether it’s a gift for a loved one or a treat for yourself for the tea room, these tea lover essentials are fun and practical for tea lovers everywhere.


Tea Room Essentials

  • Tea Wares
    • Teapots
      1. Yixing Teapots
      2. Glass Teapots
      3. Cast Iron Teapots
    • Teapot Trivets
    • Teapot Warmers
    • Tea Cozy
    • Tea Sets
    • Tea-for-One Sets
    • Tea Cups
    • Tea Mugs
    • Tea Glasses
    • Matcha Bowls
    • Traditional Kettles
    • Electric Kettles
    • Tea Makers
    • Iced Tea Machines
    • Tea Pitchers
    • Tea Storage
      1. Tea Caddies
      2. Tea Chests
      3. Tea Canisters
      4. Tea Tins
    • Tea Filter Bags
    • Tea Bag Coasters
    • Tea Infusers
    • Tea Strainers
    • Long-handled Tea Strainers
    • Tea Ball Strainers
  • Tea Tools
    • Tea Scoops
    • Tea Spoons
    • Matcha Whisks
    • Honey Dippers
  • Tea Gift Baskets
  • Gourmet Tea Foods
    • Tea Candy
    • Tea Chewing Gum
    • Tea Mints
    • Tea Chocolate
    • Tea Sweets & Cookies
    • Tea Rice Cakes
    • Tea Jams & Preserves
    • Green Tea Oil
    • Green Tea Oil
    • Tea Flavored Soup
    • Tea Flavored Seaweed
    • Tea Flavored Noodles
  • Tea Books
  • Tea DVD & Video
  • Tea T-Shirts
  • Tea Gifts
  • Tea Extracts & Supplements

Bonus: Famous Teaware Brands

  • Bodum Teaware
  • Norpro Teaware
  • Primula Teaware
  • Forlife Teaware
  • Finum Teaware
  • The TeaSpot Teaware
  • Takeya Teaware

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