12 Organic Green Tea Benefits & Disadvantages To Know For Your Skin, Stomach & Weight Loss (2022)

A considerable amount of time has passed since the introduction of green tea. What is it that the Japanese love so much about drinking a litre or more of green tea every single day? Is this the reason why Japanese people live the longest lives on average and maintain their health well into their later years?

Even whether you limit your search to Japanese traditional classic movies or current cartoon media, there is a good chance that you will uncover more than your fair share of scenes with people drinking green tea.

And you have to wonder: what is it about green tea that has a whole country so obsessed with it?

Researchers in the scientific community have pondered the same topic, and their investigations have yielded a variety of fascinating pieces of evidence attesting to the multiple advantages of drinking green tea.

Fast Facts About Organic Green Tea

Before the leaves of green tea have even had a chance to ferment, they are picked and dried. When opposed to other types of tea, which go through a variety of processing steps, organic green tea is able to preserve a greater number of its original beneficial characteristics. The taste of organic green tea tends to be brighter and more fragrant, which is something that a lot of people like and take pleasure in. Aside from its flavour and scent, the primary reason people drink green tea is for the advantages it provides to the body as a whole and to the state of the body in particular. These days, you can find them in a lot of different diets, and you can even get them as dietary supplements in the form of tablets and extracts.

Since the dawn of human civilization, people have been enjoying organic green tea. This practise dates back more than 500,000 years. The effects of it as a medicine have been known to the Chinese people for a very long time, long before any study or trials have been done to show its advantages. The usage of green tea in Asian culture dates back to the time when it was consumed as a beverage or administered as a herbal remedy. In point of fact, historical accounts demonstrate that organic green tea was used in the past as an astringent in order to stop bleeding and to assist in the healing of wounds.

What Makes Organic Tea Special?

Catechin Polyphenols, a powerful antioxidant can be found richly in green tea. The compound is known to kill cancer cells, lowers bad cholesterol levels, and inhibit the formation of blood clots. What sets organic green tea apart from other tea like oolong, and black tea is how it is processed. Organic green tea is steamed so its important compounds are not oxidized. Other teas are usually made from fermented leaves which make beneficial health compounds not as effective as when it is only steamed.

Green Tea And Health Benefits

The popularity of green tea grew with an interest in fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Tea contains a group of compounds called Polyphenols which act as antioxidants to the body. Great benefits like preventing cancer have been proven to come from drinking organic green tea. Aside from that, here are a few more benefits of green tea to the health of a person:

  • Prevents flu – Green tea can boost immunity against influenza.
  • Lowers Blood pressure – Blood pressure can be lowered by 50% by drinking at least two cups of green tea a day.
  • Cleanses the Digestive System – Tannins in tea cleanses the digestive tract and can calm a troubled stomach.
  • Aids in Weight Loss – Yes, you read it right: weight loss. Green tea works to help increase the fat-burning capabilities of your body while preventing your intestinal tract from absorbing excess cholesterol. Organic green tea is rich in antioxidants known as catechins which help reduce the absorption of fats. Metabolism is also increased by drinking a cup to two of green tea every day.
  • Improves Dental Health – Cavity is prevented with the aid of fluoride from green tea. Aside from that, antioxidants kill bacteria, and thus fresher breath is obtained.
  • Maintains Bone Strength – Organic green tea is rich in Vitamin D which helps maintain bone density.
  • Lowers Cancer rates – green tea has been linked to lower cancer rates in population-based studies. Scientists suspect that something called flavonoids in green tea help to prevent the outbreak of cancer in the body.
  • Provides Free Radicals – This is where the most special of green tea benefits shine: antioxidants. These little puppies are responsible for keeping your body clean of the effects of free radicals, and green tea has lots of them. Green tea extracted from the leaves of a plant known as Camellia Sinesis is an herb that was first cultivated in China. Studies show that this plant contains a high level of catechin polyphenols called epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG. EGCG is a very effective anti-oxidant which inhibits cancer cell growth and disintegrates cancer cells. This chemical contributes to green tea’s health benefits because it lowers cholesterol levels and prevents blood clots.
  • Reduces Chances Of Heart disease – remember the properties of green tea that help prevent the intestinal tract from absorbing excess cholesterol? Less cholesterol also means fewer chances that your heart will get coated in a layer of fat, so the risk of coronary heart diseases is lowered.
  • Prevents Diabetes – One of the more important green tea benefits is its ability to control and regulate your body’s absorption of sugar. This is especially important for people with diabetes type 1, where insulin levels are insufficient to control the sugar in the blood.
  • Promotes Liver care – another interesting aspect of the green tea benefits is its ability to flush the toxins out of your body. And one particular organ in your body thatís responsible for filtering the toxins out of your body is your liver. Green tea helps clean up your liver by absorbing the heavy metals and other nasty stuff in your blood that pass through the liver.
  • Relaxes your body and mind – Does green tea relax you? Of course, it is not just about the chemicals too. Taking it easy and sipping a cup of green tea as you stare into space helps you calm your mind and collect your thoughts. This is one of the less obvious, but equally helpful, of green tea benefits.

Of course, no one can blame you if you might be a bit skeptical about these green tea benefits. It has all the makings of bogus medicines being sold in a shady corner. If that is the case, feel free to search for scientific researches from around the world about tea. You’ll find all these benefits (and much more) if you look hard enough.

And besides, people have been drinking green tea for thousands of years. That means there is something definitely good about it, right?

Organic Green Tea Side Effects

The hazards of green tea to the health are due to its caffeine. Insomnia can be experienced by those who consume more than five cups of green tea a day. However, compared to coffee, green tea contains lesser caffeine.

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