40+ Tea Books & Resources Recommendation For Every Tea Lovers (2022)

The Ch’a Ching, also known as the Tea Classic, was written by a man named Lu Yu near the end of the eighth century. It was the first book to be written solely on tea.

Since then, hundreds upon thousands of other books on tea have been published, some of which are excellent and some of which are not so good. The following are some of the excellent ones; these are the ones that we recommend:

Tea Handbooks, Tea Guides

The Tea Companion – A Connoisseur’s Guide
Jane Pettigrew

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Best The Tea Companion (Connoisseur’s Guides)

Essential Resource – If you have an interest in learning about the teas of the world, the history and challenges of tea production, the types and approaches of tea cultivation, brewing and equipment useage, as well as tips, tricks and customs, this book is a great resource. A great into book for someone moving from Lipton tea bags to first cutting Oolong loose leaf teas, the book will give the interested reader the intro information necessary to begin to appreciate, taste and brew the great teas of the world.

All the Tea
in China
Kyril Bonfiglioli

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Best Book All The Tea In China 

Historical significants of Chinese Tea – World history is about human behavior over the ages. The authors carefully examine our humanity through the eyes of Chinese Tea. Wars have been fought over the cost of tea, the authors carefully and comfortable teach you about the worlds most endearing beverage.

The New Tea Book: A Guide to Black, Green, Herbal, & Chai Tea – Sara Perry

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Best The New Tea Book: A Guide to Black, Green, Herbal, & Chai Tea

Informative read – A compliment to a tea lover’s library. Very informative and easy to read. It also has an attractive cover and it looks great on display.

Art of Tea

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Best Art Of Tea Book

Stunning Lucidity – Osho (Bagwan Shree Rajneesh)has a unique way to write with a stunning lucidity that speaks directly to your personal experience. This book is one such example of his way with words and metaphors. The writing discusses the analogy of tea ceremony in light of life experience, as a means to deepening spiritual attainment and bring a sense of clarity to your actions.

The Way of Tea: The
Sublime Art of Oriental Tea
Kam Chuen Lam

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Best The Way Of Tea: The Sublime Art Of Oriental Tea Drinking

Thoroughly Enjoyable! – The book is glossy, well made, and very pretty to look at. The pictures are of high quality. The first section is a brief history of tea. What you found interesting was the inclusion of many Chinese folk tales. These tales tell of the origin of tea as well as the origin of the names of many of the popular and high quality teas (such as Dragonwell or Ti Kuan Yin). These mythological stories are fun and give a little romance to the naming and style of teas. These tales also tell of the mysterious medicinal properties associated with tea throughout ancient China.

The Book of Tea
Kakuzo Okakura

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Best The Book Of Tea

Great for all things tea! – Contemporary scholars of Japanese history & culture tend to emphasise, rightly, that Okakura’s Book of Tea is an anachronistic text that should be taken more as a creative interpretation of Japanese culture than an accurate depiction of it – Okakura’s assertion that the tea ceremony is the central and definitive centrepiece of Japanese culture is certainly highly reductionist, as even a basic knowledge of Japanese history will illustrate.

Tea: Addiction,
Exploitation, & Empire
Roy Moxham

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Best Book Tea: Addiction, Exploitation, And Empire

The Darker History of Tea – This book gives a fascinating look at how tea has impacted the world for centuries. Thoroughly researched information is presented about such topics as the smuggling of tea, the rise and fall of The East India Company, the Opium Wars and the move from clipper ships to steamships for transporting tea. This book offers the history of tea as an action packed adventure.

Tea Basics –
A Quick & Easy Guide
Wendy Rasmussen

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Best Tea Basics: A Quick And Easy Guide Book

Great starter book on tea – The history, culture, ritual, and practice of tea drinking provides the foundation and context to delve into tea regions. Thanks for the guidance.

The Spirit of Tea
Sen, XV Soshitsu

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Best Book The Spirit Of Tea

Perfect Guide – A book that touches your spirit in a very delicate but inspiring way. Thank you!

Chinese Tea Books

The Chinese Art of Tea
John Blofeld

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Best Book Chinese Art Of Tea 

An absolute WEALTH of knowledge – Includes history, poems and treatises about tea, tea houses, ceremonies, brewing, cups and vessels, varieties, and the effect that tea has on the physical health and psyche. Everything you need to know about Chinese teas is contained in this book. A very welcome addition to anyone’s culinary library!

The Book of Tea
Alain Stella

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Best The Book Of Tea By Alain Stella

Art Culinary, Historic, Photographic, and Legendary THE BOOK OF TEA is in every way a superlative volume! Rarely has a topic as seemingly simple as tea resulted in a more comprehensive and fascinating excursion into the history of the leaf, of the myths and legends surrounding the leaf, the manner in which tea evolved as a drink, as a commodity, as an instigator for battles, and as a means by which gentility is measured.

Dim Sum : The Art of Chinese Tea Lunch
Ellen Leong Blonder

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Best Book Dim Sum: The Art Of Chinese Tea Lunch

An introduction recipe book about dim sum – This dim sum is targeted for worldwide readers who are interested in making and cooking dim sum at their own homes. This is a great book that gives an introduction how dim sum is served, the food culture of dim sum especially found in restaurants in Hong Kong, or any restaurant found in any country. The illustrations and cooking directions are well-thought out, organized and easy-to-follow. Recipes are mixed with traditional and authentic on some, while others have a mix of more modern and easier ways to do it.

Japanese Tea Books

The Japanese
Way of Tea
Sen Soshitsu

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Best Book The Japanese Way Of Tea: From Its Origins In China To Sen Rikyu

A class for a reason. – A classic for a reason. This and Sen XV’s Chado Textbook will be each you 95%!of what’s you need to know about the tea ceremony.

Chado: The Way of Tea: A Japanese Tea Master’s Almanac – Sanmi Sasaki

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Best Chado The Way Of Tea Book

This book is an excellent compendium about feast days and how to walk within … – If you are seriously interested on tea culture. This book you “must” read it, understand it, and live it as much as it can possible be.this book is an excellent compendium about feast days and how to walk within Japanese way of tea

Tea in Japan: Essays on the History of Chanoyu
Paul Varley

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Best Book Tea In Japan: Essays On The History Of Chanoyu

A welcome synthesis -You find this historical study brings a fresh outlook and new interpretations to quite a few disputed points about chanoyu and Rikyu. A welcome synthesis, plus convincing answers to outstanding questions. A most useful addition to a Chanoyu library.

Tea Etiquette, Tea Ceremony

Tea & Etiquette: Taking Tea for Business & Pleasure
Dorethea Johnson

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Best Tea & Etiquette: Taking Tea For Business And Pleasure

Great book – You love this book. It is very informative and educational on the history of tea. The book covers British and American history of tea. Love the book so much.

Cha-No-Yu: The Japanese Tea Ceremony
Arthur Lindsay Sadler

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Best Cha-No-Yu: The Japanese Tea Ceremony Book

Amazing Book on the Japanese Tea Ceremony – However this book is a MUST HAVE for more advanced tea ceremony praticioners. The book is very detailed and contains a vast wealth of knowledge and information. The book has a history section, and even goes itno the various elements of tea gardens. Everything and anything you can think of is covered in this book, its an amazing reference.

The Tea Ceremony
Sendo Tanaka &
Seno Tanaka

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Best Book The Tea Ceremony

fairly good introduction to tea ceremony – This bood is a fairly good intro to the Japanese tea ceremony for the absolute neophyte. Covering history, gardening and a very basic overview of the utensils and ceremony. For anyone wishing to know more about the actual procedures of the ceremony, the book falls short . As tea ceremony is best learned under the tutalage of an instructor, anyone more serious about tea would do best to seek out a teacher.

Tea Time
at the Inn
Gail Greco

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Best Tea-Time At The Inn: A Country Inn Cookbook

Such a great book! – The book is a great addition to your recipe books! It has a lot of tips and hints on brewing tea and serving it appropriately! you cannot wait to try some of the amazing recipes such as “chocolate tea” and “strawberry pudding” . The book arrived in great condition ” like new”

Taking Tea
at the Savoy
Anton Edelman

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Best Book Taking Tea At The Savoy

Nifty little book with some great recipes – This book is not quite as good as the very similar “Afternoon Tea at the Ritz London”, but it is stil very good indeed and it has some great receipes to try out for your next afternoon tea – the sandwich receipes in particular are great and quite easy to do.

The London Ritz Book
of Afternoon Tea
Helen Simpson

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Best The London Ritz Book Of Afternoon Tea

This edition is the best one – There is more than one edition of this book. None of the complaints about it apply to the delightful 1986 Arbor House hardcover. It is clearly printed on high quality, heavyweight paper and the 50 recipes are given in both metric and US measurements.

Tea Time, Tea Party, Tea with Friends

Tea With Friends
Elizabeth Knight

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Best Tea With Friends Book 

The essential guidebook for serving tea – TEA WITH FRIENDS is a terrific resource for those who need specific ideas for year round tea parties. Each chapter suggests one theme party for each month of the year. Within each chapter is background information on the theme, a section entitled “Setting The Scene” in which the author gives suggestions on what service and accessories you could use, as well as ideas for centerpieces and music.

The Twelve Teas
of Friendship
Emilie Barnes

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Best The Twelve Teas Of Friendship

The Twelve Teas of Friendship – Great ideas for small gatherings. Originally purchased to get fresh tips for church socials and luncheons, the information can be applied to almost any size group.

The Art of Tea
and Friendship
Sandy Lynam Clough

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Best The Art Of Tea And Friendship: Savoring The Fragrance Of Time Together

The Art of Tea and Friendship – This book is a ‘feel good’ book that allows you to look through it time and again. Great all around transaction, item and shipping! Thanks! This book is not a cookbook, though it does have a few tea recipes. This is just one of its many features.

If Teacups Could Talk
Emilie Barnes

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Best Book If Teacups Could Talk: Sharing A Cup Of Kindness With Treasured Friends

Great first tea book or gift to a friend – Wonderful book!! Would recommend it to anyone, whether just a tea drinker or for those who enjoy tea parties as myself. For a little book it is filled with a tremendous amount of knowledge and the illustrations are all so beautiful, from cover to cover and everything between. Besides the delicious recipes for cookies,crumpets,tea sandwiches, cake and scones, Emilie even shares recipes for tea itself; Tangerine Special Tea containing Orange pekoe tea,sugar,cloves, cinnamon, and the tangerine slices.

Totally Teatime
Helene Siegel

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Best Totally Teatime Cookbook

Wonderful value for a small gift or home library addition – The Totally Teatime Cookbook is an excellent value for the cost. It would be a splendid ‘stocking stuffer,’ hostess gift, or small ‘remembrance.’ As a sampler of tea time recipes, it is a nice introduction.

Country Tea Parties
Maggie Stuckey

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Best Country Tea Parties Book

Adorable book for tea parties! – This is such a cute book and perfect for people who like to host themed tea parties. There is a different theme for each month of the year; from January’s Twelfth Night, Mother’s Day in May, Bridal Shower in June, Children’s Tea in October to December’s Holiday Open House. There are ideas, menus and, of course, recipes. The recipes are classics that have stood the test of time. Cheese Puffs, Cucumber Sandwiches, Scotch Eggs, Scones, Banbury Tarts, Cornish Pasties, Sausage Rolls and so many more fill the pages. Cornish Pasties are a favorite of daughters, and the Scotch Eggs went over very well. Scones are always a big hit.

Cooking with Tea Books, Tea Recipe Books

Cooking with Tea
Robert Wemischner
& Diana Rosen

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Best Cooking With Tea: Techniques And Recipes For Appetizers

Creative and Accessible – Robert Wemischner has created a cookbook that works. The recipes creatively use tea in an accessible form. This a a worthy successor to his “Vivid Flavors” cookbook. The author takes us beyond the standard fare, but in a way that a reasonable home cook can reproduce.

The Book of
Afternoon Tea
Lesley MacKley

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Best The Book Of Afternoon Tea

A great source of tea-time recipes – The cakes and breads in this book are not for the beginning baker, but the tea sandwiches and some of the appetizers are delicious. The tomato tempters, the salami puffs, and the double chocolate cookies are delicious. The chelsea buns, chive and cheese braid, and the coffee walnut cookies are favorites among your family and friends.

Tea Recipes &
Table Settings
Catherine Calvert

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Best Having Tea: Recipes & Table Settings

Tea Time Bring it Back! – Love the way different teas are described and how it shows you to set things out. This book is very informative and lovely and just is a wonderful addition to be part of any lady’s collection.

Green Tea Books

Green Tea Health
Benefits & Applications
Yukihiko Hara

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Best Green Tea: Health Benefits And Applications Book

Science of green tea – This book by Dr. Hara gives an excellent overview of the basic scientific progress in green tea research. Dr. Hara has devoted his live to the promotion of green tea and is an expert in the field.

New Tastes
in Green Tea
Mutsuko Tokunaga

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Best New Tastes In Green Tea: A Novel Flavor For Familiar Drinks

Unique green tea cookbook – This book starts out with the different types of green teas. Then the book procees on to show what the teas are like when they are brewed. The book also goes on and talks about tea utensils to tea etiquette. After splitting off from the traditional a divide forms into the more modern ways to prepare green tea. Various things are discussed here from a green tea latte to various alcholic beverages that would somehow use green tea. Then the book will go into cooking with green tea.

The Book of
Green Tea
Diana Rosen

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Best The Book of Green Tea

Another excellent Storey Book – Ms. Rosen does an excellent job of enticing the uninitiated with her descriptions of the varied pleasures of tea; there was just so much you were unaware of. This book is chock full of information, lore, recipes and health benefits of the many, many different teas. Being a new devotee, you especially found the resources section of immeasurable value.

Herbal Tea Books

Herbal Teas: 101 Nourishing Blends for Daily Health & Vitality

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Best Herbal Teas: 101 Nourishing Blends For Daily Health & Vitality Book

Wonderful Tea Blend Book – A lot of advice on herbs and spices, how to brew and blend with many recipies and tips. very good descriptions on different herbs,health benefits, the parts to use and how to use them for teas. lots of information on deffinitions of tea, infusion, decotions, tisanes etc and how to make them.

20,000 Secrets of Tea
Victoria Zak

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ See Current Price

Best 20,000 Secrets Of Tea: The Most Effective Ways To Benefit From Nature’s Healing Herbs

Do extensive research before you use any herb listed! – This is an excellent book to help you begin your studies on herbal medicine and lore. However, some of the herbs listed (such as cohosh) is not safe to be ingested. If you plan to use this book as a reference, please please, for your safety, do extensive research on any herbs you plan to use. Make sure they are safe for you and others to use (in the correct dosage) check if they have any adverse reactions with medication you are taking, or any condition you may have (as they adverse reactions are not listed in this book) and tell your doctor if you plan to take any herbal supplements!!!

The Herb Tea Book:
Blending, Brewing, Savoring
Susan Clotfelter

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ See Current Price

Best The Herb Tea Book: Blending, Brewing, and Savoring Teas For Every Mood And Occasion

Great little tea book! Great gift idea! – The title is Herb Tea Book, but author Susan Clotfelter includes green tea and black tea as well, so there is more than just peppermint and chamomile here. There is a lot of information about tea properties. What you like are the Chai recipes (sweetened, spiced Indian style milk tea.) Chai is popular, and a great beverage for cold weather, although Indians drink it to cool off in summer as well. 

Tea Health Books

Healing Teas: How to
Prepare & Use Teas to Maximize Your Health

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Best Healing Teas: A Practical Guide To The Medicinal Teas Of The World

Great starter book on healing teas and herbs– “Healing Teas” is perfect for the beginner interested in the benefits and uses of herbal teas. For the most part the book is laid out in an easy to read format. Despite this small discrepancy, “Healing Teas” offers excellent information, especially if you are a first time brewer of herbal teas.

Kombucha Phenomenon: The Miracle Health Tea
Betsy Pryor

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Best Book Kombucha Phenomenon : The Miracle Health Tea

Kombucha for beginners – Very well written. Plenty of information. This book gives you the process from start to finish. A must read for all who are interested in making their own Kombucha.

Healthy Teas:
Tammy Safi

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ See Current Price

Best Book Healthy Teas: Green, Black, Herbal, Fruit

Have your tea and drink it too – Terrific book. Has everything you may ever have a question about when it comes to making teas. Very comprehensive and explanatory list of ingredients (with pictures). Wonderful tea recipes for health, diet, or just relaxing.

Books about Tea Houses

How to Open a Financially Successful Coffee, Espresso & Tea Shop

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Best Book How To Open A Financially Successful Coffee, Espresso & Tea Shop

Good if you plan to start a decent size business – The author brings to your attention the essential financial considerations if you wish to go from daydream to profitable reality. A practical, down-to-earth guide to anyone who loves coffee or tea – and aspires to be serious about marketing the beverages which define modern culture.

Teany Book
Moby & Kelly Tisdale

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Best Teany Book: Stories, Food, Romance, Cartoons and, of Course, Tea

Teany and Sweet – Although there aren’t a ton of recipes, this book has a lot of heart. The recipes, though, — especially the Raspberry lime ricky and cashew butter sandwiches– are amazing but very simple, using a lot of everyday ingredients. Perfect for a romantic dinner or summer lunch with friends. The recipes span from cosmetic facials using tea and other natural ingredients, to cold drinks, to hot herbal infusions, to meal ideas.

Great Tea Rooms of
Bruce Richardson

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ See Current Price

Best Great Tea Rooms Of America

A great deal of fun to flip through – One of your very favorite books! Lovely pictures. Great recipes. Haven’t made any of the recipes, but have enjoyed reading them and looking at the pictures of the food several times.

Teapots, Tea Wares

The Beauty of Chinese Yixing Teapots
Lim Kean Siew

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ See Current Price

Best The Beauty Of Chinese Yixing Teapots

Passionate and authoritative – Beautifully produced volume with quality paper and superb photography of very numerous,well chosen Yixing teapots. The author explores the relationship of teas and how the taste is effected by specific teapots. Quite a revelation. One can return to it over and over. If drinking tea and viewing masterfully produced Yixing teapots are meaningful to you, this volume is a must.

500 Teapots: Explorations of a Timeless Design
Suzanne Tourtillott

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ See Current Price

Best 500 Teapots: Contemporary Explorations Of A Timeless Design Book

This is a must have for pottery artists. – Sometimes a “look inside” feature is not terribly important because you get everything you need from the blurb. But other times, it can make a huge difference. This is one of those times – this book really needs a look inside option.

Design for Tea: Tea Wares from the Dragon Court
Jane Pettigrew

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ See Current Price

Best Design For Tea: Tea Wares From The Dragon Court To Afternoon Tea

A terrific resource for a collector of tea ware – A fascinating and well written look at the ceramics and accessories used to serve tea, from China in the middle ages to the 20th century. Wonderful illustrations–lots of photos as well as some drawings. .The history of the design for tea was very interesting and well researched. The author was limited by a budget or something because really this should be a high-volume image book to fully describe the designs. It is a facinating look at the history and culture of tea design.

More Tea Books

The Agony of the Leaves~Helen Gustafson ~1996~174 Pages ~List $23.00 ~Henry Holt and Company, Inc

Book is mainly Helen’s personal stories about tea and tearooms with recipes included. Her whimsical writing style makes this book refreshing to read. Colorful boxes about tea on some pages break up the bit too much story book theme and give a much better dimension to the book. Pictures with text create a cute writing style.

The Chinese Art of Tea ~John Blofeld ~1985 ~205 Pages ~List $9.95 ~Shambhala Publications

Well written. Good historical index of tea. Although the subjects have been well documented and written about, John gives the reader a fresh insight through his personal writing style. Knowledge gleaned after spending twenty years in China makes this book a great read. Very few actual pictures, does include some nice poetry though. Did I say well written?

A Cup of Tea ~Geraldene Holt ~1991~ 92 Pages ~List $6.99 inUK ~ Clays Ltd.

Very small print makes this book a chore to read; However, the teacup patterns and complementing graphics are beautiful. Content would be easy to get through if the font was a normal size. Yellow cover and yellow pages …a  big plus.

The Book of Green Tea ~Diana Rosen ~1998 ~156 Pages ~List $16.95

A delightful book on green tea.  Packed with useful and sometimes unusual information. I especially like the section on Yixing teapots and the beauty and cooking recipes where Diana includes such delights as an anti-fungal foot powder recipe and green tea mask recipe. Did I mention how to repair fingernails with tea bags? A delightful book.

Garden of Tea ~Nancy Shumaker Pallan ~2000 ~List $8.95

Charming small book. Small enough that it can be read on a very short lunch hour. Sports poems like Borage…High in calcium is borage tea…Drinking this is thought to build bone density.

The Republic of Tea ~Minister of Information Editor Nancy Friedman ~1993 ~ 157 Pages List $12.00

Informative although somewhat overdone subject on tea. Including the Minister of information on the cover gives the impression of an official book from a government agency. It is not. Good to keep on the shelf for tea basics if you don’t have access or use a computer for your tea facts.

Secrets from a Healthy Asian Kitchen ~Ying Chang Compestine ~2002~ 307 pages ~List $18.95

This is my go-to book for recipes, Asian concepts,  as well as a healthy green lifestyle.  This is the everyday sourcebook to enrich your life.  Pages include a chart on The Traditional Healthy Asian Diet Pyramid, where exercise is key, and healthy recipes including tea as a major ingredient. Here is where I learned about the types of ginseng and Yixing teapots. Really can’t say enough about this book. It is such a refreshing change from the heavy traditional American lifestyle. Awesome Possum!!!

Tea craft ~Charles and Violet Schafer ~1975 ~98 Pages ~List $4.95 ~Yerba Buena Press

This is such a fun book very reminiscent of a 60’s local press creation. Innovative black and white graphics look hand drawn and are worth the cost of the book.  The content can be just as clever at times. Love the funk!

Coffee Books

The Complete Coffee Book ~ Sara Perry ~1991 ~96 Pages ~List $12.95~Chronicle Books

Nice coffee history and coffee pot history. The book is filled with oodles of pictures and fun coffee recipes. I especially liked the pictures of all types of coffee pots as well as directions on how to use each pot.

Herb Books

The Herb & Spice Companion ~Marcus A. Webb Richard Craze ~2005 ~375 Pages ~Barnes & Noble ~List $14.95

Great reference book about all the spices and herbs in your life. Love the recommended over-the-counter remedies on page 187. Could be made better with a dictionary format and listing the herbs alphabetically.

Herbaly Yours ~Penny C. Royal ~1982 ~127 Pages ~Sound Nutrition ~List $5.95

Great reference book for the herbal student as well as the herbal practitioner. Filled with pertinent information on herbs and herbal usages. This book is easy to read and use. Gets an A-plus for teaching the beginner about herbs without boring the experienced student. Some unusual information in Chapter 6 lists the vitamins and mineral sources in herbs. Plenty of recipes for herb blending as well. Good reference book. The cost may be outdated as this is an older book.

***List price is the price on the book or what it sells for from some retailers. Please note some books may sell for a higher or lower price than listed simply because of the publishing date. 

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