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10+ Traditional Chinese Tea Set Ideas : Check Out How To Make A Cup Of Green Tea Step By Step Guide? (2022)

You are undoubtedly all aware that the Chinese place a great value on tea and believe it to be one of the basics to start the day. To be sure, this facet of Chinese culture has a significant amount of significance. Since they have been drinking tea since the beginning of time, they have a vast amount of information and expertise about tea and the process of brewing tea.

When discussing the process of producing tea, it is fascinating to learn that the process includes a series of highly significant phases that must be completed in order. One of them is selecting the ideal tea set for drinking Chinese tea.

It is often cited as being of utmost significance in the process of preparing tea to choose the ideal or suitable tea sets. In particular, it plays a very important function in the process of brewing tea.

Now, what composes a Chinese tea set?

Basically, the Chinese tea sets are referred to as tea pots, tea saucers, tea bowls, and tea trays. Today, there are different forms and types of Chinese tea sets that have certain characteristics and designs. Because of this, the tea sets are considered a very necessary part of artistry.

Being highly valued, the Chinese tea sets are dedicated to the established tea culture in China. They are actually divided into two categories. The first refers to those that have high artistic value, while the second is those that are used in every day life. I think it is quite understandable that those with high artistic value are commonly used in special tea ceremonies like a Chinese wedding ceremony. They are usually kept in beautiful cabinets and are proudly presented during a tea ceremony. On the other hand, those that are used in every day life are just used plainly for that purpose. As you may know, tea is a very vital part of every meal in China.

How to select the right tea sets and identify their use is not difficult. Selecting Chinese tea sets for every day use largely depends on the types of the tea that people drink. It even depends on where the people live.

For example, in the eastern as well as northern regions of china, the people usually drink floral teas, which are also considered as herbal teas. Now, in drinking floral tea, the people commonly employ large tea pots to boil the tea in water. According to some resources, these tea pots are ceramic, and their size depends on the number of people to be served.

In the Kangnam area, it was reported that green tea is usually drunk. It then follows that using a ceramic tea pot with a lid is very appropriate. Then, in areas like Fujian, Taiwan and Guangdong, the people drink usually oolong teas, so they usually use a regular kettle to brew the tea.

Furthermore, when brewing Gongfu tea or Hong tea, experts suggest using a ceramic pot or a regular kettle. Then, when drinking a high quality tea such as Xihu-long-jing, Jun-shan-yin-zhen, and Ton-ting-bilei-chun, clear glass cups are appropriate to use.

However, when drinking green tea or any tea that has fine leaves, choose a Chinese tea set that has small tea cups, as they are best to use than the large ones. Well, the main reason for this is that when these teas are poured into large cup, there would be too much water. High levels of water is said to brew fine leaves too fast, resulting in discolored tea leaves, and influencing the fragrance as well as taste of the tea. Some people also use a thermos to keep the green tea warm, which affects the color and flavor of the tea. Itís no wonder then that today, most of the Chinese tea sets include thermos on it.

Along with those mentioned items included in a Chinese tea set, there are also some tea plates, tea set cover cloths, tea spoons, tea trays, and tea brewing containers to complete the set.

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