Unique Christmas Holiday Gift Ideas For Tea Lovers (2022)

You’ll be glad for a few Christmas gift ideas. November is a terrific month to locate special specials and seasonal offerings from some of the greatest online tea shops in the globe, which is fortunate given that the holidays are just around the horizon. Your tea-loving family members and friends will be blown away by the abundance of alternatives available to them.

These are the items that we think would make great presents for your tea-drinking pals, as well as the items that we plan to purchase for them ourselves (but shh! don’t tell them!)…

Matcha Tea Gift Sets

Matcha green tea is a higher quality of Japanese green tea that is milled into a fine powder for the purpose of preparing traditional matcha green tea or flavouring meals and beverages. The popularity of matcha green tea is growing. These gift packages are the ideal way to ease oneself into the world of matcha green tea.

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Best Matcha Tea Gift Box Set

This set is everything you need! – The set arrived in perfect condition, with everything placed just perfectly. The presentation was awesome. After removing all items from the box and doing an initial cleaning, You couldn’t resist having an immediate cup of matcha tea.

Matcha Focus Tea Set from Matcha Source

Included in the package are two matcha tea bowls, a bamboo whisk with a celadon whisk holder, a tea sifter, a bamboo tea scoop, and a 30 gramme tin of Morning Matcha (yields 15-20 servings).

Excellent quality for only $125.

Matcha Mini Kit from Matcha Source

The perfect way in to matcha tea from $54.

A bamboo whisk, which is the one instrument that is absolutely necessary for the preparation of flavorful and foamy matcha tea, is included in this set. In addition, you will get a reorder voucher, a beautifully designed instruction manual, and a tin of Morning Matcha weighing 30 grammes.

Matcha Latte Gift Set from Matcha Source

This package comes with an 80-gram container of Gotcha Matcha as well as a Bodum Milk Frother. The quickest and most convenient method to brew matcha anyplace, and the ideal present for everyone who like matcha green tea.

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Best Marce Japanese Matcha Tea Gift Set

Perfect gift – Whether your loved ones are beginners to the Matcha Green Tea world or not, there is no better way to impress them by sharing this elegant matcha tea set which enables them to prepare the most naturally beneficial and delicious tea in the world.

The perfect gift for matcha lovers at just $45.

Matcha Tea Gift Set from Art of Tea

This set comes complete with a bamboo matcha scoop, a matcha whisk, a matcha container, and a stunning ceremonial matcha bowl in addition to a tin of ceremonial matcha green tea weighing 30 grammes.

On sale at $97, a $13 saving.

Tea Sampler Gift Sets

These beautifully packaged tea sets are the ideal present for the person who already has all they need to enjoy tea to the fullest. They do not contain teapots or cups; rather, they focus on providing a choice of high-quality teas that are sold in loose leaf form.

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Best Assorted Tea Bag Sampler Gift Sets

PERFECT GIFT FOR LOVED ONES – There is no better gift than the gift of good health. Present flavoursome teas freshly sourced from India’s famous tea gardens to your loved ones. Great for birthday gifts, anniversary gifts & festive gifting with attractive premium packaging.

Wooden Box Tea Sampler from Art of Tea

This attractive tea set maintains a refined air with its gorgeous wooden box that contains six distinct teas stored in reusable tea tins with see-through windows that highlight the exquisite craftsmanship of the teas. Each tin has roughly 1-2 ounces, or 20 individual servings, within. You have your choice between these six well-liked sampling sets: Winter Wonderland, Fall Harvest, Ayurveda, Chocolate & Champagne, Cru (Regional), and Mixed Tea Sampler.

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Best Green Tea & Herbal Infusions Variety Box Gift Sampler

Beautifully packaged and excellent selection – Lovely packaging and selection of teas, brought as a gift for a tea lover. Beautifully presented and excellent selection. Would be an ideal gift for any herbal tea lover. have sampled thee teas from this selection and they are absolutely beautiful! can’t rate them more highly. You would highly recommend and will be buying more. Well priced too.

A bargain at just $48.

Tea Gift Box from Teatulia

Six different tins of Teatulia’s most popular teas and herbal infusions:

White Tea, Green Tea, Black Tea, Earl of Bengal, Peppermint and Lemongrass.

A great gift for the serious tea lover at just $75

Bento Box Classic Tea Collection from American Tea Room

From the pure, unadorned flavors of Notting Hill English Breakfast, Honyama Sencha and Chamomile Blossoms to the ancient classic flavors of Grand Jasmin and Earl Grey Shanghai to our “new classics” (Immortal Green, Martinique and Tangier), this collection contains our most classic teas and infusions. Each tea is packaged in a stainless steel tin. The set comes in a Japanese black lacquer bento box. It includes elegant silken tea sachets for easy infusing.

Great value at just $75.

Bento Box Grand Cru Collection from American Tea Room

Contains around two ounces each of Yame Gyokuro (our finest and most expensive tea), Silver Needles (a delicate delight for true tea lovers), Golden Needle Yunnan (one of the finest offerings from the Yunnan region of China), a rare Darjeeling First Flush, Milk Oolong (a master-crafted oolong with a distinctively rich, milky flavor), Jasmine Pearls (a classic at its peak) and Earl Grey Sterling (a fine Earl Grey sprinkled with precious “Yin Zhen” silver needle buds). Each tea is packaged in a stainless steel tin. The set comes in a Japanese black lacquer bento box. It includes elegant silken tea sachets for easy infusing.

You get what you pay for – this is the best at $225.

Filled Bamboo Tea Chest from Two Leaves Tea Company

This sturdy bamboo box offers a sampler of eight of their best selling teas, including an excellent range of black teas, green teas, and herbals for the tea drinker in your life who loves to discover new teas.

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Best Premium Bamboo Tea Box Organizer

Perfect Bamboo tea box organizer – Really like this product. So useful to keep different teas in the same place. Certainly beats all the separate boxes in the cupboard.

A high quality, lasting gift at $89

thepuriTea Gift Box

The freedom to share your favorite teas with your favorite people. This is the ideal holiday gift and can be customized to suit any tea drinker on your list. Fill each gift box with your favorite teas (tea not included). Each decorative, sturdy green box includes: Two BPA-Free Tea Travel Infusers and One BPA-Free Tea Storage Container.

At just $10, you’ve got the makings of a great gift. Add your favorite three teas to make it a personal and special gift for a tea-loving friend.

Blooming Teas

Blooming tea, also known as flower tea or display tea, is a hand-crafted delight for all tea lovers, making a thoughtful and welcome gift.

Love Bloom Flowering Tea

The ball unfurls into a sprawling, tropical display of tippy tealeaves and crimson lily blooms crowned with a spiky, fuchsia globe amaranth flower and delicate, creamy jasmine blossom.

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Best 16 Pcs Variety Flavors Artistic Blooming Tea

Really beautiful tea with a rich flavour of green tea. – INDIVIDUAL PACKAGE FOR EACH TEA BALL. For the best tea to save all of its aromas and taste up to a moment when you put in down in a teapot for brewing, hermetically seal each individual tea ball.

It’s one of the showiest and most complex flowering teas out there.

At four for $5, these make perfect stocking fillers.

Kimino Flowering Tea Box from American Tea Room

A beautiful gift box complete with kimono silk ribbon encloses this gift set of gorgeous flowering teas. Inside this elegant gift box, there are eight Grand Jasmin Mu Dan blossoming teas and eight Golden Empress Mu Dan blossoming teas, perfect for displaying in our glass teapot (also included).

Make a real impression on someone with this beautiful gift at just $75.

Tea Foods

A real twist on the tea gift, and a treat for anyone who loves tea. Try something different…

Tea Bark Chocolate from American Tea Room

A luscious dark chocolate created by Valerie Confections that is riddled with American Tea Room Tangier Black Tea and apricots.

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Best Bark Minty Chocolate Herbal Tea

Great Peppermint tea with subtle chocolate smoothness – Reminds you of Teavana’s White Chocolate Peppermint tea – a less expensive version with a less luxurious taste but still! Distinct peppermint flavor – not as intense as Harney & Sons peppermint – but nice flavor. There’s a smoothness the chocolate flavor gives the tea. Its has an herbal tone to it (grassy) but a very nice tea.

6 oz

At just $15, this a perfect, thoughtful little gift.

Tea Cookies from Two Leaves Tea Company

This all natural, refined snack for tea drinkers is the perfect complement to your favorite cuppa’.

Each square is packed with rich buttery shortbread flavor, then baked with black, white, or herbal teas to provide a delicious flavor that will linger past your first bite.

The perfect small treat for tea lovers at only $6.

Tea Gift Certificates

The best way out for the diplomat or those prone to procrastination – the gift card! Give them what they really want, and can choose for themselves. Available in a multitude of values, depending on the company.

American Tea Room Gift Cards

Art of Tea Gift Certificates

California Tea House Gift Certificates

Tea Club Subscriptions

What better way to tell someone you care all year round, not just at the holidays, than a monthly tea subscription?

California Tea House Top Shelf Subscriptions

A different tea every month from the top shelf at California Tea House. At $94 for six months, it’s their most expensive tea subscription, but it really hits the mark when the world’s best teas arrive on your doorstep every month, just when you want them.

General Tea Gift Shopping

Looking for the perfect tea gift and we’ve not featured it? Discover more great tea gifts here…

American Tea Room Tea Gift Pages

Tea Gifts and Teaware from Two Leaves Tea Company

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