What Does Matcha Do? Matcha Green Tea Pros And Cons 2022

These days, herbal tea is among the most popular beverages available. It is well known that green tea, in particular, may help fight cancer as well as contribute to the prevention and treatment of a variety of other disorders. There have been hundreds of articles published on the advantages of drinking green tea for your health. This herbal beverage’s rising popularity may be attributed, in part, to the widespread dissemination of positive customer reviews on the product’s efficacy.

To have a better understanding of the positive effects that green tea has on one’s health, one must first get familiar with its history and its composition. Since ancient times, the Chinese have consumed green tea on a daily basis as their primary beverage of choice. People in ancient China and India also employed it as a therapeutic ingredient in their food and drinks. Green tea was traditionally used to treat a variety of ailments, including headaches, digestive issues, food poisoning, and a host of other conditions. Since time immemorial, the Chinese have been well aware of the positive effects that drinking green tea may have on one’s health. Recent research indicates that Chinese males who drank green tea regularly throughout the course of their lives had a reduced incidence of cancer than their counterparts who did not do so.

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It’s full of antioxidants that have positive effects on your body’s immune system.

It is also known to have ingredients that help with fat burning and metabolism!

While green tea comes in the form of a teabag, matcha itself is the green tea leaves that have been grounded into a fine powder.

So essentially, you are drinking and eating the green tea leaves!

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Best Matcha Green Tea Bags

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What is matcha?

Green tea that has been finely crushed into a powder is called matcha and is traditionally used in the Japanese tea ritual. It is very high in catechins, carotene, as well as vitamins A, B, C, and E, and it has a flavour that may be described as somewhat sour. It has a vivid green hue. The green tea (tencha) that is meant to be used in matcha is picked from tea bushes, which are typically covered with a shade cloth for the previous four weeks before harvesting. This results in a leaf that is very finely textured and has a dark green colour. The flavour of matcha is really pleasant and somewhat sweet. After being picked, the tea leaves undergo a process in which they are first steamed, then dried, and then crushed into a powder in stone mills.

Matcha is a finely ground, premium grade green tea powder that may be used for a range of tasks. This material is only produced in Japan, therefore it’s quite unlikely that you’ll get it for less than a few cents per gramme anywhere else in the world. It has this somewhat harsh flavour, but it is not enough to put you off completely. Instead, the flavour will captivate you with its depth and mystery, and it won’t let you go until you’ve consumed everything in front of you.

Matcha tea vs green tea

The consistency and flavour of matcha must be distinct from that of normal green tea in order for there to be a distinction between the two. While traditional green tea is infused in hot water, matcha is physically blended into the water while it’s being prepared. Even the process of preparing matcha for drinking, known as chanoyu, has its own ritual.

What’s the difference between them with regards to health benefits?
One positive aspect of this is that consuming matcha green tea has many of the same health advantages as drinking green tea. This is due to the absence of any fermentation taking place. The main difference between ordinary green tea and matcha is in the manner in which the tea leaves are selected, ground, and served. Regular green tea and matcha both fall within the category of green tea.

Matcha green tea vs black tea

Other teas are known to have medical benefits too but green tea’s health benefits far exceed the rest. The basic difference between green tea from other teas is the preparation. Green tea is made from boiling fresh leaves of the plant while the also famous black tea is made from fermented leaves. The fermented leaves used in making black tea do not contain as much EGCG found in fresh leaves. The anti-oxidants found in black teas are far lesser than those found in Green teas. So far, green tea’s health benefits have been proven by several studies showing hard evidence.

Are there any other ways that matcha is served?

Interestingly enough, matcha has some pretty creative uses aside from tea drinking. You have cakes, pastries, candies, sweets, heck even some lattes and prepared meals have this green tea powder in them!

What are the different grades of matcha green tea?


highest concentration of amino acids, adding to the complexity of the taste and aroma of the tea


certified organic by JAS, the Japanese Agricultural Standards, recommended it for those new to matcha


perfect for adding to blended drinks or for use in recipes try it in smoothies, lattes, savory sauces and desserts.

Where is matcha produced?

Matcha is produced exclusively in Japan. Famous growing areas are Nishio and Uji near Kyoto. Traditional granite stone mills need an hour to produce around 30 grams of matcha powder. Matcha is considered a particularly noble type of tea and is accordingly expensive.

What is the history of matcha?

Since the 12th century, Buddhist Zen monks have been taking Chi-Oka Matcha before meditation in order to increase awareness and at the same time to achieve a feeling of inner calm. The Japanese samurai also consumed Matcha to bring harmony into their lives.

Matcha is still an integral part of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony in today’s Japan: a cultural ritual that is often performed several times a day. The ceremony, which originated in the 16th century, is a spiritual experience and focuses on harmony (wa), respect (kei), purity (sei) and calm (jaku).

How to choose the best matcha tea?

Perhaps you are just interested in getting a good deal on Matcha tea, remember that there are varying grades of tea so make sure you do not buy the bulk bags that are meant to be used in cooking. If you are shopping look for tins, or something that says it is high quality and intended for drinking.

Quick facts about Matcha tea

  • Only grown in Japan (and some parts of China)
  • Used by ancient Japanese to help aid them in meditation and focus
  • Has been proven today to help you stay relaxed but alert (thanks to the L-theanine)
  • Matcha tea comes from the same plant as black tea and green tea, however the unique growing and processing makes it very different in flavour and health benefits
  • Matcha tea is picked and processed by hand to ensure only the best leaves are used for the tea
  • The tea leaves are grown under shade for the last stage of their growth cycle which helps bring huge amounts of chlorophyll to the leaves, making them a dark vibrant green (and filled with nutrients)
  • The tea is VERY high in anti-oxidants, in fact it has 137 times the amount of antioxidants as regular green tea and by weight it has more antioxidants than many of the “super fruits”
  • Matcha is also said to boost metabolism and help reduce cholesterol levels when drank regularly

Matcha benefits for skin

Drinking matcha tea has been found to contain Vitamin C that protects the body’s immune system, Vitamin B components that help burn Carbohydrates, and Vitamin E for healthier and younger-looking skin.

Matcha benefits for hair

Matcha green tea fastens hair growth with this special substance called epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG). EGCG can stimulate dermal papilla cells and the growth of hair follicles

Other matcha powder benefits

Here’s a brief list of benefits you get from drinking matcha green tea:

  • Supplies Antioxidants – research by scientific bigwigs points out that green tea has a pretty high amount of the catechin polyphenol epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) in it. EGCG is a very effective anti-oxidant that helps hair and inhibits cancer cell growth and disintegrates cancer cells. This chemical contributes to matcha green tea’s health benefits because it lowers cholesterol levels and prevents blood clots.
  • Helps Cholesterol Control – research again shows that green tea helps reduce cholesterol absorption in your intestinal tract. That means two things: weight loss and a healthier heart. Of course, no amount of green tea will help you if you literally chug down cholesterol in all its oily forms. But it’ll sure help you stay alive and healthy if you drink around three cups of green tea a day.
  • Helps Sugar Control – green tea and its green tea powder matcha help reduce the amount of sugar your body absorbs as food passes through. Thatís why diabetes patients are often advised by their doctors to drink green tea to help slow down and prevent the passage of sugar into their bloodstream.
  • Helps Detoxification – green tea, even green tea powder, still has a lot of chlorophyll in it. This chlorophyll helps absorb heavy metals and other nasty toxins floating around in your blood. So if you’re a recovering alcoholic or a retired chain smoker who is now concerned about recovering your health, green tea is one way to help your body flush out what poison you’ve accumulated in your body for years.
  • Facilities Relaxation – sitting down with a cup of green tea for five minutes and enjoying the taste and texture of green tea powder may be one thing that’ll help keep you healthy. You’ve got to take care of not only your brain but your mind as well. After all, it’s not just the chemicals and stuff you take into your body that makes you healthier.
  • HelpsWeight Loss – Recent studies also show that matcha green tea’s health benefits include weight loss. The antioxidants in matcha green teas help speed up the burning of calories. Because it is a very good anti-oxidant, it also affects weight loss as it detoxifies the human system to allow proper absorption of nutrients and flushing out fats.
  • Promotes Healthier TeethAnother known matcha green tea health benefit is that it prevents cavities and promotes health in the mouth. Matcha green tea has been found to contain minerals like fluoride that fight bacteria-causing cavities. The polyphenols found in the tea strengthens teeth and prevents bad breath. Some people even gargle with green tea for a healthier mouth.
  • Supplies Plenty Of Vitamins – Green tea health benefits patients suffering from rheumatism. Green tea has chemicals that decrease blood inflammation which results in the prevention of arthritis. This wonder beverage has also been reported to lower blood sugar, reduce stress, and prevent high blood pressure.

The green tea health benefits are indeed outstanding. To date, there have been no reports of fatal side effects and so green tea continues to be popular and in demand.

So there you have it: a quick rundown of the green tea powder known as matcha. Now you know why the Japanese are so fanatical about their green tea.

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