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Raspberry Verrine

Raspberry verrine is a delicious and elegant dessert to serve for your afternoon tea or any special occasion. If you’re looking for easy verrine dessert recipes, look no further than these three raspberry verrine recipes!

Try our creamy vanilla panna cotta and raspberry recipe, our dainty raspberry mousse recipe and our light and refreshing raspberry, meringue and whipped cream recipe.

They are all a perfect choice for an afternoon tea or special party, and you can serve in all different sorts of small glasses.

Raspberry verrine with vanilla panna cotta and raspberry sauce
Panna Cotta and raspberry verrines

Our double layered vanilla panna cotta and raspberry verrine is delicious, elegant and very easy to make. The smooth and creamy panna cotta is the perfect base for the tart raspberry sauce. This dessert is sure to impress your guests!

raspberry verrine with raspberry mousse
Raspberry verrine with raspberry mousse

Raspberry mousse also makes for a beautiful verrine. Our raspberry mousse verrine recipe for this dainty delight combines the sweet taste of cream with the beautiful color and flavor of raspberries.

Raspberry verrine with raspberry meringue and cream in small glass
Raspberry verrine with raspberry, meringue and cream

Finally, our recipe for raspberry and pavlova trifle verrine is a light and refreshing dessert that can be enjoyed any time of year. The raspberry layer provides sweetness and tartness while the meringue layer adds a bit of crunch. The cream layer ties everything together and provides richness to the dish.

If you are wanting a bit more information about the what is a verrine, keep on reading!

What is a verrine glass?

They are a type of French glass that is similar in shape to a small parfait cup. Traditionally, they usually hold around 3-4 ounces and have a slightly wider opening. This wide opening is perfect for filling with all sorts of goodies. But, there are now many different shapes and sizes of verrine glasses, so choose the size and shape that suits you best!

Try to choose a clear glass, so that your guests will be able to see all the tasty layers you’ve prepared. They are often seen as an elegant and sophisticated dessert.

Any time you want to serve a small portion of something savory or sweet you can conveniently put it in a verrine for a simple and stylish presentation.

When to serve Raspberry Verrine?

You can serve them as an afternoon or high tea item, as a dessert for after lunch or after dinner, or at an evening soiree or at a picnic or barbecue. Try them as a special treat for your Christmas Tea Party!

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